Do you have any hobbies? Yes… makeup…

HEY GUYS! (The film was goonies by the way, thanks to the people who let me know)

I mean obviously I like makeup.. cause.. well.. you know.. blog. But I do class it as a hobby and I shall tell thy why. Saturday night. Nothing to do. 10pm. What do I do? My makeup. Am I going anywhere? Nope. Am I seeing anyone? Nope. It’s enjoyable, it’s creative. And if you’re pedantic like me, it takes you time and effort messing with stuff. And that’s what I did this weekend. (Yes, I’m totally skipping the part where people say ‘what did you do this weekend beck’).

What I love about doing my makeup when I’m not going anywhere is that I can mess around with my makeup and a) not worry about how long it’s going to take and b) I can be as creative as I want and not worry about it going wrong or looking to ‘bold’ to go do some basic task. And that’s what I did, I went for a full coverage, darker makeup look which I wouldn’t always do. Yes full coverage. No to the bold eye look. I’ve taken some before and after pictures do you can get an idea of what I’ve done.

So this is the before; no makeup. Repping that Laura Lee merch, why do I always sound so obsessed.. I’m not… I promise.. just a regular subscriber. ANYWAYS… here’s the after:

This is one of those makeup looks, that you like whilst you’re doing it and then you go too far and ruin it. But it’s a learning process, it’s creative finding out what goes with what. If I had to it again I’d remove the purple shimmer I put on my lid. You can’t see it on this picture but it’s the shame shimmer eyeshadow that’s acting as my inner corner highlight. It was just too much purple for one look! Check out my recent insta to fully see the eyeshadow look! Other than that, I adored the way this turned out. I love it when my foundation covers my imperfections!

Covering up things like spots and any discolouration is one thing I hate doing because it takes so long. But it’s best to ensure you’re doing so with the right products otherwise you can get so frustrated with it. The products I use to cover spots I actually apply before my foundation. After my primer (obviously). If you opt for this method be sure you’re dabbing and stippling your foundation onto any areas you’ve concealed as you don’t want to brush away your hard work. Before I applied my foundation I applied MUA colour correcting concealer (shade green) over the more redder, harsh spots I have, blended that down with a dampened beauty blender. For areas of discolouration I tend to opt for Maybelline’s Instant Anti Age concealer in shade light. This is a full coverage concealer that would ordinarily be used under your eyes after foundation to conceal and highlight depending on the shade. I opted for a shade darker as usually I’d go for a fair not light concealer. As this helps with darker circles and areas of slight redness I have. It allows your foundation to go onto a more even canvas. I’ve added in a picture of what my face looked like after I’d applied my pre-foundation concealer.

This picture is super blurry but if you can tell my skin looks a little less discoloured and some of my spots are covered from the concealer alone. This is a step I only really opt for if I’m aiming for a full coverage look or if my skin is really bad with breakouts and/or I haven’t been sleeping well.

The rest of my makeup I did in the usual way I would do it on any day. But simply used more full coverage products such as:

  • Foundation; YSL All Hours
  • Concealer: Tarte Shape Tape

Other products used in this look include:

  1. Face:
  • MORPHE 9B blush palette
  • MORPHE 9BZ bronzer palette
  • NYX contour and highlight stick
  • Technic lose powder
  • Stila Heavens Hue Highlighter (transendence)
  • NYX setting spray (matte)
  • YSL All Hours Primer

2. Eyes:

  • Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil (shade 5)
  • MORPHE 35P palette
  • MAC Instacurl Lash

3. Lips:

  • KIKO ‘Less Is Better’ matte liquid lipstick (04 Impeccable Rosewood)

This post is something new for me, showing you guys makeup looks I’ve created, not too sure if this will be a constant thing. Is this something you want to see? Let me know via my socials!

Twitter: beckparko

Insta: beck.px

Thanks guys for constantly reading!

Rebecca Jayne xo


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