Foundation; get a good base.


Sometimes when I type that ‘hey guys’ I think of a line from a film where someone says ‘hey you guys’ but in a weird voice and I can’t figure out the film so if anyone somehow understands that thought process and knows the film let me know.. please.. I beg. Yeah I fell down a rabbit hole with that one.. anyways… FOUNDATION.

Foundation can be such a mind field if you don’t know the variables to consider. Luckily for you, that’s what I’m for, I’ve plucked a variety of foundations from my vault to give you an insight into what different foundations can do, whether that’s finish, coverage or long term wear.

If you’ve read any of my other blog posts you may have an inkling on one of the foundations I’ll be including because I’m just so predictable but that’s life, figured I’d add that disclaimer in!

  • YSL All Hours Foundation, B10. £33.50. My baby. This foundation is the most full coverage liquid foundation I’ve come across. I think the longest I’ve worn this foundation is maybe like 8 hours purely because I use it for nights out or any ‘special occasion’ events. I wouldn’t use it as an everyday foundation purely due to the price point. But that’s not what I’m hear to talk about… type about.. talk… I don’t know. But yeah, I have horrendous skin, constantly breaking out and this foundation has covered the worst of my breakouts; I’ve honestly been so impressed with the coverage pay out. Also, this dries down matte on the skin and stays matte so if oily skin is a problem for you then this foundation would be an excellent option! This foundation actually doesn’t settle into my dry patches either, but I naturally apply primer to those areas so I can’t say  if that’s a foundation feature or not. One thing to be careful of with this product is make sure you’re shade matching when you buy it as its known to oxidise on your skin, if you aren’t aware of what this is, I shall explain. Oxidisation is a reaction  between your foundation  and the air around it, resulting in a slight change of shade, usually darker, this is why it’s an important consideration with this product.
  • KIKO Milano Skin Tone Foundation, Cool Rose 05. £15.90. Okay so this is polar opposite to the above, I mean not totally opposite it’s a good foundation in its own right, its just sooo different. This is a minimal coverage foundation, it acts as more of a brightening foundation to add back a glow to your skin rather than covering.  Added bonus this foundation has an spf of 15, helping to protect your skin and take a step out of your skin care routine! Although this does make this product naturally more oily so it may be a product to be careful of if your skin is oily. This is a  foundation I usually reach for in summer to give a weightless feeling rather than heavy layers of makeup. Side note.. It smells gorgeous.
  • MAC  Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation, NW18. £27. Going back up the higher coverage end with this one, although this foundation does have more of a thicker consistency than the YSL without the same coverage pay out, it can be built up to a fuller coverage as can most medium-full coverage foundations. This is the type of foundation I reach for when I want a foundation that’s not going to move.  I’m travelling to London (from the North West) for the day next month and I wouldn’t consider any other foundation for a LONG day of travelling where I need to put my best face forward ( I know the phrase is best foot forward but you know… makeup pun). It’s the type of quality product you would expect from a brand such as MAC with the price point to match, although, mine is from an outlet store and I believe it was around £18 (not that i paid for it, I love makeup gifts). Point being, its worth the cost if you’re someone whose constantly on the go.
  • YSL Touche Eclat Le Cushion, B10. £31. Okay so I’ve mentioned foundations for certain uses or certain situations so far in this post. I felt it wouldn’t be complete without a good everyday foundation. Here she is. As this product is in cushion form its compact enough to carry around with you, which I do, especially if I’m just going to a lecture or doing some quick shopping. It’s been my go to for a while now as I can quickly top up on the go. Although I’ve had this foundation on today since about 1pm and its held up pretty well for what will be 8 hours at this point, some redness coming through but its still giving and okay coverage. Forgot to mention actually, this is NOT  a full coverage foundation by any means. Its more medium although the applicator that comes with it claims half of the sponge is for a natural finish and half is for full coverage, it isn’t, you can build this but you’d use all the product building the coverage. It still performs well as a foundation though as it does cover, if you don’t have many imperfections or redness you probably wouldn’t notice a comment-able difference.
  • BONUS, IDK, FOUNDATION ACCESSORY? So, my skin is super fair, super pale and I tend to opt for the lightest shade a brand offers by default and even then I don’t always get a light enough shade, which doesn’t bother me if I’ve spent £10 on a foundation such as my L’oreal Infallible, I simply disguise the difference by baking. However, when I purchased the YSL All Hours I noticed it was slightly more warm toned than the Touche Eclat even though they’re the same shade, given that this was an expensive product I was  a little bit disappointed. Since I’m a determined child I decided to do some research and came across Shade Adjusting Drops offered by Body Shop for only £10. One thing I would say with these drops is to be careful and tread lightly at first otherwise you may end up with a foundation that’t too dark or too light. Since I only use this with one foundation I have an established method to get the right shade but this does take some trial and error. Moreover, be careful to not add too much to a full coverage foundation as it will dilute some of the coverage that product can offer. Or invest in coverage drops too but that’s far too much blending and mixing for me.

As you can see I’ve put links in to all products mentioned in the post, in the order which they are mentioned. All links are too the brands direct website an prices given are in relation to the price offered by brands when this post was published!

I hope this post may have helped you to identify foundations that are for you! If you have any questions or would like additional recommendations maybe with different price points or that consider other skin concerns don’t hesitate to comment or contact me via my socials.

Twitter: @beckparko

Insta: beck.px

Thanks for reading!

Rebecca Jayne xo

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