Bye 2017, 5 things you taught me!


Hope everyone has a good New Year’s Eve, me personally, I’ve done revision all day wooo. I’ve seen so many things on 2017 some saying it was horrible but went quicker than the horror of 2016 others saying it wasn’t too bad. I think overall this year has been not necessarily amazing but productive. More of a lesson than a blessing. This blog isn’t like my others so if you wanted to read something beauty based, you’ll be disappointed, but it is an insight into me.. so if by some miracle you find that appealing please read along.

I feel like it would be so so wrong to talk about 2017 and completely ignore my blog as one of my key points. I’ve wanted to start a beauty blog for a good year I think, I was so worried about putting my own thoughts and opinions out there and either people hating it or just people showing no interest in my writing. But I started my blog a couple of months ago and I really appreciate the people that genuinely read every single post I upload and I have had some amazing feedback not only from friends but from people I don’t even know. Honestly it’s been such a confidence boost for me and I can’t thank people enough for that support! And I think other things that have happened this year sort of pushed me to the point where I needed to do something for myself and because of that I really have learnt that if you want to do something or you want to create something then you’re your own best investment. Never put yourself down and think you can’t do something because if you don’t believe in yourself how can you expect other people to? I genuinely think your success comes from within so anyone who’s reading this and is sat wondering whether to start something or change something, if on any level you want it then go and get it, work for it because you never know what could happen!

Second point.. I feel this somewhat runs on the lines of my first point but I’m separating them because I’m pedantic. Never say you can’t do something, just because something seems difficult doesn’t mean you can’t do something. Granted if you say you can’t fly you probably can’t grow wings and fly but there’s an alternative for that one. I think people especially my generation are so used to an automatic response so if you say I want this to happen and it doesn’t you just think ‘nope’. My brother is the best example of this, he’s so so stubborn if he tries and fails then it gets boxed off and doesn’t happen again. And if everyone thought like that what would happen? I genuinely surprised myself this year because I managed to turn something from a massive fail to a genuine achievement. I did an exam at University and got 30ish percent and I first thought yep can’t do that and part of me through no, you’re gonna figure that one out, it’s not getting written off. That determination to not fail again actually turned 30ish into 80ish. I was 100% right that I couldn’t do it when I got that grading, doesn’t mean I’m never going to get it. Things take time, things in life are supposed to challenge you. But don’t give up. Don’t say ‘I cant’. Because I assure you, you can.

Has anyone seen (I mean yeah people will have seen it), anyway… Demi Lovato music video.. tell me you love me. My best friend is like super into the whole watching every single music video that gets released and relaying information onto me. She told me there’s a part of that video where Demi stands infront of a mirror and looks at herself and it relates to the line ‘everything I have is standing infront of me’. When I listened to the song I thought ‘aw that’s cute’ but that video unravels one idea and makes you think differently and it was so relatable. I went through a horrible breakup and the beginning of the year, with someone I thought I was going to be with for a long time. And after that it took me so long to realise that happiness doesn’t depend on having a SO or having a certain person in your life. Yes people make you happy. But people should add to your happiness not be the only thing contributing to it. Car’s need petrol to run, people don’t NEED other people to make them happy. You can make yourself happy. Never fully rely on one person to put a smile on your face and build you up. I’ve learnt that the LOOOONG way but it’s something I’m so glad I figured out this year.

I feel like one of the points people make around this time of year is about making sure you have the right people in your life, avoiding the drama. But that’s not just a thing to consider at the end of a year and also I feel like far too many people see conflict as a signal of a bad person or a bad friendship/relationship etc. I feel that’s always just sort of taken wrongly, like I said previously my generation expects things to go a certain way, but nothings perfect. People hurt people, people can argue, you may grow out of a person. And conflict and disagreements are just a natural form of human interaction, I’ve had a specific friend since I was maybe 5 years old, still friends now, have we argued? Yes. Does that mean that person isn’t someone who should be in my life? Hell no, don’t remove someone just because you’ve clashed with them. I think people just look for an easy way so when things aren’t easy they back out. The only time I personally cut someone out of my life is when they don’t add to my happiness, if someone constantly makes you feel unhappy, constantly puts you down for example than yeah that person shouldn’t be in your life. And that’s something that has taken me so long to adapt to. Honestly I hate change, I like the same group of people in my life, your brain naturally focuses on the good when you think you’re going to lose someone and that’s natural if someone is in your life they must have made you happy at one point or another. But if it reaches a point where for months or years a person just sucks away the joy out of your life then you’re within your right to not bother with that person. It’s your life at the end of the day, you need people in it that will build you up and make you happy. Length of time knowing someone or how close you are with someone doesn’t dictate whether they’re in your life. Aslong as someone makes you happy and cares about your happiness that’s what’s important. They’re the type of people you should keep around you. There’s never anything wrong with Detoxing your life just keep the people that deserve it and lose the ones that don’t.

This post has been far too deep so I figured for my last point I’d include more of a light hearted achievement. Gosh it’s not even an achievement I’m just 5 years behind everyone. I figured out how to braid. I’ve never bothered with my hair it’s far too thick and frizzy I leave it alone, me and my hair came to an agreement to not bother each other (not that my hair follows that one). But yeah. Light hearted final addition my mates will be laughing but I had a minute I was proud! Haha.

That’s it from me, I’ve got so much I want to write about and share with you guys next year. Sending a lil prayer to the beauty gods to gift everyone with perfect eyeliner and flawlessly blended EVERYTHING in 2018! Thanks for constantly reading, have an amazing year. My financial reporting textbook is looking at me and making me feel bad for neglecting it.. I hope your night is better than mine!

Twitter: @beckparko

Insta: beck.px

Rebecca Jayne xo

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