The Beauty Guru Rundown


As some of you may know I’m not trained in makeup, I’m self taught via trial and error and most importantly YouTube. We’ve all been there beauty related or not, you’ve thought ‘I wonder if there’s a YouTube video for this’. 9/10 there is and if it’s beauty related I can guarantee the following list of beauty gurus will have covered it and entertained in the process.

1. Tati Westbrook… lets be honest you couldn’t make a list of beauty gurus without the Glam Life Guru; the queen of beauty on YouTube. Love. Her. She’s dedicated I’ve seen GRWM video’s where she’s genuinely explained how much commitment she made to her YouTube career, that woman posts a new video 5 days a week. To be constantly working to give high quality content for her subscribers is amazing. She’s strictly makeup, 100% makeup and that’s what makes her the queen she’s knows products inside and out she knows what works and what doesn’t work she knows what to expect from a product. Anything she recommends is my next beauty binge. YSL all hours foundation, I’d never think of spending £30+ on a foundation in case it isn’t worth it but She said it was, I tried it and it was. Can’t fault her. She’s built an established reputation and that doesn’t come from nowhere! If you’re not giving her videos a watch… I’d suggest you do, won’t regret it.

2. Laura Lee… entertainment meets makeup. This woman genuinely taught me everything I know, from eyeshadow tricks, to the best brushes to being able to embrace your own personality. She’s so talented and she’s really not afraid to give her honest opinion, I think some people can be afraid of backlash but she’s true to who she is so if you want a genuine review on a product she’s the best place to start. And if you want to learn how to do something or you’re having trouble with that one part of your makeup she’s got it covered. With Do’s and Dont’s. I thinks she’s the type of person you need to watch to really understand how naturally good she is at what she does. Plus she’s so ethical with what she does from the colour pop collab and having cruelty free makeup products. It’s nice to see someone building their own success and doing it in an ethical and friendly manor. True inspiration. P.S cats pajamas is the bomb diggity (if you know, you know)

3. Sylvia Gani… I feel like she’s so under rated, not many people have heard of her and I have no idea why! She’s on trend yet follows her own agenda with the content she produces, trying really random products. I’ve never seen anyone else try a makeup remover app and I wouldn’t expect it from anyone but Sylvia. Plus one thing I relate to with Sylvia is she understands the struggle of makeup and breakouts, which is one thing I’ve struggled with and hated managing so the fact she keeps her subscribers updated on any new skin care products or treatments is appealing to me! I’m so ready for her merch, her dogs are everything, ready for S Club Sunday tomorrow and you will be to!

4. Manny MUA… I had to have manny on here, can’t have Laura without manny, plus he’s just adorable isn’t he! He’s just so so genuine with what he does. There’s just nothing else I can say about him, just manny isn’t he, he’s so sweet. Watch his videos you’ll know what I mean! That giggle just gives it all away. P.S don’t buy his merch and wear it infront of your nan, just putting that one out there, my mum warned me but I’ve not tried it, I don’t need to hear ‘OH REBECCA WHAT DOES THAT SAY’ it’s totally not one of my new year resolutions! If you don’t like it don’t fucking watch (read) it.

There you go, lil insight into what I watch in bed when I’m bored and should be doing Finance revision. No no, jokes aside (it’s the truth but you know..) if you ever want to get into makeup, conquer that one thing you can’t do, branch out into new products these guys can help! Moreover, want a lil sing along go watch Laura’s videos! *insert subscribe jingle*

Let me know what youse want me to write about! Hope youse liked this post!

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Rebecca Jayne xo

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