December Birchbox


Apologies I’ve been MIA recently, been worked up with uni and placements and Christmas prep. However, one thing that did help was my Birchbox delivery! For anyone who doesn’t subscribe to birchbox I shall explain the premise. It’s a subscription box that arrives to your house once a month with a selection of beauty products for you to try. This costs £10 and £2.95 delivery with a box containing 4/5 products; you can’t really complain! I’ve always been hesitant to subscribe to a beauty box as I’m worried about spending that money and getting products I don’t like. Fortunately with Birchbox you can make your own personal profile and give the company an insight into what beauty products you do LIKE and what you would LOVE to receive, thus narrowing the chances of you getting a product you don’t like!As with all beauty products though there is a chance that it will be a flop and you won’t like it or it won’t work for you. But you do have other products to balance out should you find one you dislike!

If you’re interested in hearing more about products offered by Birchbox and want to learn how the products vary and most importantly my views on my December box.. READ ON!

LOC colour me confident vibrant matte lipstick (cranberry)… Firstly… LOVE. THIS. SHADE. It’s such an autumnal/winter red. And worked so so perfect for my Christmas night out with my girls. I went out for a meal and this lipstick was VERY food proof. I mean obviously it came off eventually as would any lipstick but it was resilient and I was quite surprised to see a lipstick perform that well and stick in place. Definitely will be a go to for when I need a long lasting lip product! However, as this is a more of a colour stick it has a rounded edge and not the usual lipstick shape which did make this product harder to work with so if you’re not confident with ‘staying in the lines’ when applying lipstick I would tread lightly with this product or even reach for a small lip brush to transfer the product across. Overall I enjoyed this product and will definitely be using again; the application shape is a shame though so 7/10.

Spectrum collection marbleous black BO4… anyone who knows me or has read other blog posts by myself knows I’m a sucker for a good eyeshadow brush, I genuinely don’t think there’s a limit on eyeshadow brushes! This brush was a nice addition to my collection actually. I’ve only used this brush once as I feel it’s not the average brush you’d always reach for due to the slanted shape of it. It’s not rounded at the top, but it is a denser brush so it packs on a lot of colour. I was actually on FaceTime to a friend when I first tried this brush and I underestimated the amount of powder this brush holds and all she must have heard was ‘oops’ and saw the sudden addition of deep red eyeshadow! Luckily, this brush blends well! I had no problems defusing the error and was actually able to create more of an eyeshadow ‘wing’ with this brush. Love love love! 10/10 brush.

Baija Gommage festin royal miel caramelise… I was so hesitant to actually try this, I’m hesitant to try any body scrubs with that sand like texture. I suffer from eczema and I have felt true pain when some body scrubs have touched it. That sting, it’s like getting salt in a cut. I braved it, however, no pain was felt! Christmas miracle? The fact that this product is actually compatible with my sensitive skin was brilliant and I was impressed. However, this product does NOT have a strong scent to it and that may not be important to everyone but if I’m going to spend £15, which is what Birchbox sells this product for, I want a pay off I want to smell GOOD. The one sample I’ve received in my subscription will be used I know I will use it but it won’t be a product I rush out to buy when it runs out. Total personal preference. 5/10

Dr PawPaw original clear balm… if you’ve read my hacks blog you will know my go to lip balm or lip care product comes from the Carmex brand and this lip balm is actually packaged in a similar way so my brain naturally went to compare the two. The product comes out in a gel form similar to Carmex, however I do find it to be slightly thicker and has less of a noticeable impact on my lips. Works as a lip balm, but will I be changing brands? Unlikely, I mean this product cost £6.95 on Birchbox, Carmex is more affordable than that and you get 10ml for the £6.95 where as Carmex is 11.6ml for average about £4/£5 however given that Carmex is a thinner formula the two products may last for about the same length of time. One thing I’d like to add is that Dr PawPaw states to be for lips and skin although I’ve not used it on my skin, I probably wouldn’t as I have other go to skin care products for my sensitive skin. Not a flop, not a poor product. I just won’t switch so strong 8/10.

Beauty protector protect and detangle… I choose to believe Birchbox sent me this cause they understand my hair struggles. I have thick and frizzy hair. My hair is just horrible to maintain, especially brushing it when wet, I mean I know no one enjoys that. Over the years I’ve adapted to using detangle brushes as my general form of brush and I cringe when I have to use a regular brush cause unless my hair has just been straightening or done by a professional I know it’s gonna hurt. This spray actually made it bearable. I had a bath maybe like 2 hours ago, left my hair to air dry. Just lightly sprayed my hair with this product and brushed through my hair with a regular brush and I’m not gonna say it was perfect cause my hair will always be horrid when wet but it wasn’t too painful I think I had one part of my hair that hurt my head. Quite similar to using a detangling brush tbh so I’m not too sure if this is a product I’m going to use every time I was my hair as I already have a product that helps tame the beast. However, the back of this bottle has a list of a dozen things this product does. I’ve only used it for the first time today so I shall post an update in the morning to let youse know how my hair performed with this spray. Does it tame my frizziness? We shall see. Bonus points though because it smells gorgeous! I can’t knock this product so far 9/10 because there’s some unknowns! UPDATE: I slept with a braid in my hair, usually I’d expect a frizzy mess and be annoyed at myself but this spray is actually decent guys. My hair is so so soft, no frizzy hell, just pretty waves. I will definitely be repurchasing this when my sample runs out! 10/10

I hope this post demonstrates the variance in products, makeup, tools, skin care, hair care that a Birchbox provides! I shall be doing a review of all Birchbox’s I receive from now on! To let you guys know what is and isn’t worth buying in a random little collection. If you’d like to see any dedicated product type reviews let me know? Such as what eyeshadow palettes, best foundations etc.

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Rebecca Jayne xo

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