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Step 1… to all makeup… a good base. Yes a primer smooths or corrects even blurs. Having healthy skin will not only put you in a better place for your makeup, but it’s just wise. It can prevent a problem before it’s a concern. I’m 20 and I use wrinkle cream. That one is down to the mother… ‘harder to do your makeup with wrinkled skin’.

Body Shop tea tree skin clearing mask:  This product is  more of a niche product (you’ll only  buy it if your skin really needs it), however, I have put it first on my list because its my go to skin care product. If I had to pick one product to keep it would be this. My skin, due to medication, is prone to breakouts and my version of ‘clear skin’ is when I know a full coverage foundation will easily hide the redness below. If this is you too, you’ll know the frustration of trying to create a flawless makeup look whilst managing your skin. I purchased this product on a whim, hoping for any type of change in my skin. I use this product twice a week, apply to problem areas and leave the product on for around 15 minutes. The impact it had and still does have after a few months of applying to me are amazing, such a confidence boost. This product will help to calm down the redness and reduce the size of any breakouts you currently have, moreover, your skin will feel softer and the  change is quickly noticeable! At a price point of £11 this is a very affordable option to add into your skincare routine!

Tarte drink of water H20 Hydrating boost: unlike the body shop mask above this is a product that is beneficial regardless of personal skincare concerns. This product is simply an extremely nourishing water based gel. The water based element of this product allows into to fully dry down onto your face leaving it feeling hydrated rather than greasy like other gel or cream products can do. This product does have a higher price point compared to some of the other products mentioned in this post, retailing at £30. However, a little bit of this product goes along way even if you apply the product twice a day, again, I feel this can be attributed to the water element of the product, since its a very light product it will spread along your skin smoothly; quick and easy for your morning routine!

Neutrogena hydro boost cleanser: ever really hate the way your skin can feel after you take all that makeup off? Your skin can be left feeling so greasy. This product removes your makeup whilst leaving your skin feeling hydrated. It isn’t the best makeup remover I’ve ever tried however it still functions as a good cleanser and you could even use whatever makeup remover you usually go for and simply go over your face with this product afterwards to ensure a deep cleanse. Like the tarte moisturiser it’s water based gel which will give your skin an amazing boost of hydration. Unlike the tarte moisturiser you’re getting that hydration for under £10! 3 in 1 for an average of £8? I’ll take 12 please!

Garnier pure active: speaking of 3 in 1 for under £10… a wash, a scrub, a mask. Unclog, purify and mattify. Garnier have even diversified their product, blackhead problems? Reach for the charcoal adaptation of the clearing 3 in 1. I’ve mentioned above the body shop mask to help with breakouts however this product, in my opinion, can be used by anyone. Whether you’re prone to breakouts or not, it’s wise to ensure your skin is thoroughly cleaned and bacteria removed; your pores take in a lot!

No7 protect and perfect eye cream: I’m an eyeshadow girl, a full coverage concealer for under my eyes, you can’t have thought I’d compile a skin care list without something for your eyes? This product was actually generously donated (handed down) to me by the mother and I simply dabbed a little under my eyes before going to sleep and I’ll give them their due I did notice a reduction in the darkness under my eyes. Which is something that can trouble a lot of people. Additionally, the skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive so I would really encourage you guys to invest in some form of eye cream, this is the one I use mainly. However, any form of aloe Vera eye gel is really soothing for the skin around your eye especially when it’s been through a lot. Wiped your eyeliner off a million times trying to get it perfect? Did your eye get sore and red? Aloe Vera is soothing for that delicate skin!

I mentioned in the opening being 20 and using wrinkle cream.. I can’t for the life of me find that cream, I’ve invested in new makeup storage and it’s probably rolled away. This is a newer product for me and I wouldn’t want to guess at what it is. Fortunately, I don’t have many, if any, wrinkles. This product is something I’ve used a handful of times during my skin care routine. However, I do recommend investing before you need it, better to be prepared. I will have a look for my cream and update this post when I find it! Moreover, I know my mother uses Gatineau defi lift 3D to help smooth and lift her skin on her face and neck. I would never recommend a product I haven’t personally used, but I have seen the change in her skin from her use of it. It’s therefore something to consider, but again I can’t verify the validity of this option or it’s outcomes! I’ve tried the brand for items such as makeup remover and toner and loved their products! So I would totally recommend the brand to you.

I hope a product listed helps you and your skin care, it can be a battle! That’s why I’ve tried to include products for everyone’s needs. Whether that’s breakouts, dryness, clogged pores, wrinkles. I hope you guys liked this post. Apologies for the delay in this post, I’ve been super busy and have been slowly updating a draft for this topic!

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Rebecca Jayne xo

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