Primer… smooth out your knowledge!


Happy Monday! I don’t know about anyone else but my skin goes through hell during winter. I have combination to dry skin and my face just dries down when it’s cold. Dry patches specifically can destroy my makeup looks! A primer that give a flawless smooth base is what I’m looking for in life. Not to mention all the wonderful spells a primer can perform on the appearance of your skin. Although I feel primer is one of those beauty products people either swear by and wouldn’t go a day without or find pointless and wouldn’t spend money on it. As someone with a draw full of them we can tell what category I fall into! And I’m here to give you a run down and some recommendations on how to achieve a seamless base for your makeup!

Before we get primed for this blog (haha I’m not funny), I wanted to remind you guys that primer isn’t always step 1! My step 1 is a skin care routine to leave your skin naturally in the best position possible. Want some tips? Check back here on Wednesday for my skin care routine!

Like foundations, primers all provide a different finish, a different impact. A singular primer won’t necessarily do what you want it to do. Before purchasing a primer you need to ask yourself what you want it to do. Pore filler? Even out skin tone? Mattify? Smooth?

Now you’ve considered impact.. what’s next? Brand? Application? 90% of the makeup brands I use have their own versions of primer, varying from a cream, gel, spray; some good, some not so good. However, this is dependant on your skin, a primer that I love may not necessarily work for you and vice versa as everyone’s skin has its own properties and will react differently to products. For most people primer may be a product that involves trial and error. Personally, the first time I used primer I actually ended up with drier skin than what I started with. I’ve tried that many now I wouldn’t even be able to tell you the brand. Trying to find a product that works for you can be annoying, but don’t let it be costly! Do your research, ask for samples. I’m pretty sure MAC Cosmetics offer a primer as one of their free samples when you order online. Although this is a more expensive brand it’s one way to identify a form of primer that may or may not work for you!

Mattify! Fancy a perfect matte look, yes there are brilliant foundation choices to get you there! But wouldn’t it make sense to make your starting point matte? Remove the look of shine on your face. This product would be applied to the areas of your face that tend to get a bit more greasy. For most people this would be your T zone (primarily your forehead). I wouldn’t recommend applying this type of primer all over the face as it may not be necessary to apply everywhere and therefore you would be wasting product. I personally, use matte foundations and have a primer that focuses on other problems such as redness and pores. However, I can recommend an excellent matte primer! YSL All Hours Primer, this is a liquid primer, like most YSL products it has a luxe feel and scent to it. Once applied and dried down it leaves skin matte and soft to the touch. This is a product with a higher price point, I believe it retails for around £30. A more affordable option would be Rimmel London Fix & Perfect. Excellent primer it’s own rights! It’s a primer with a jack of all trades vibe, claiming to smooth, mattify, protect etc. Quality wise it does more for a lower price point and plays well with all foundations however if you’re only looking for a matte effect the YSL will give you a longer lasting impact.

Pore filler! A concern for most people I feel, putting on a cream and seeing it sit in all your pores, I don’t think I can think of many things worse. Luckily there are what feels like millions of primers designed to fill in and reduce the look of pesky pores. These products I’ve found tend to more often than not be a cream, with a lot of them having that soft silicone feel to them. It’s important that you allow pore filling primers to fully dry down onto your skin. Moreover, be careful when applying foundation to dab over areas that have the primer as a rubbing motion will simply move the product about and leave your pores exposed and your hard work gone to waste! Pore related primers tend to be used along your cheeks and nose (although you can use them wherever you feel your pores are more obvious). As usual, I have a low cost and a high cost option. Firstly, a product most people may have heard of; benefit’s pore fessional. I have heard so many beauty influences hype up this product and I purchased this for the first time ever a few days ago and it lives up to the hype so far. Any changes and I shall update this post but so far it has my approval, it concealed my pores from 4pm until 2 am! I’ve not seen many primers perform that well. This product isn’t as high priced as the YSL mentioned for mattifying but I do have a more affordable option. Maybelline’s baby skin instant pore eraser. It does what it claims, your pores will be covered with this product. However, I’ve found this product does have to be really worked and rubbed into your skin in order to give its full effect!

Colour correcting primer. I’m working on the assumption here we all know about colour correcting? Applying an opposite shade to equal out tones in your skin. For example, any redness can be cancelled out by applying a green product on top. This is usually a concealer not a primer. And I personally have always opted for a concealer over a primer to colour correct and I probably always will. A primer in my opinion acts as a base to makeup products. A colour correcting primer I feel isn’t an effective base as one colour won’t work perfectly all over your face and you’d be applying a few primers in order to fully prep your face in most cases. Colour correcting concealers can do this effectively, why pass their job onto a primer? The same can be said, in my opinion, for toned primers, a primer that coats your face in what is effectively a foundation shade but without the coverage. If you have no skin concerns I support a colour correcting primer, however, I just feel like you’re missing out on the full power of primer.

Dewy and glowing all day. You’ve seen them, you’ve seen the insta videos. Iconic London is shuddering at the thought of this going unknown. ILLUMINATORS. That magic oil that allows your skin to naturally radiate even from below your foundation, below your contour, you face is glowing. Moreover, I’ve heard some of these can be sooo good for your skin and super hydrating! I’ve never tried any so I would never recommend something I’ve never used, that isn’t due to personal preference I’ve just never got around to getting my hands on one (Santa.. if you’re reading…). Additionally, if you’re keen to try an illuminating primer beauty gurus will be able to advise on what they’ve tried, specifically people such as Laura Lee, Sylvia Gani, Manny Mua.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Hopefully you guys are primed and prepped! If you liked this blog don’t forget to follow. Want to hear more? Comment or tweet me @beckparko

Coming up: SKIN CARE on Wednesday

Rebecca Jayne xo

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