This isn’t makeup darling, it’s war paint.


I mean obviously this title was so welcoming and friendly you just had to click it? The title for this blog post is based on an opinion of a comedian (Iliza Shlesinger), considering how women use their appearance: makeup, outfit, hair styles etc, in order to give them an edge in life, to make themselves stand out. Yes that’s superficial or vain or self indulgent; whatever moral stance you want to take. But makeup really does more than simply covers a blemish and adds some glam, I feel that’s over looked. The power of makeup is over looked.

Ask anyone who knows me, makeup hasn’t always been my forte, I don’t fall into the typical category of that girly girl. However, I do own more makeup than probably anyone I know. Why?

Makeup, for me, started off as a creative outlet. When I was younger I was your typical creative child, even studying art at GCSE. Now? I study accounting at university, accounting is done by a rule book, you follow a set procedure, a formula. This wouldn’t ever fall into anyone’s idea of a creative career. I actually remember one of my lecturers saying in my first semester of my degree that some company’s have been known to look for accountants with limited creativity. That isn’t me. I love the subject I study but I need a creative outlet and that’s how I stumbled into makeup. I remember buying an eyeshadow…  set I guess? I’m reluctant to call it a palette it was a little flip up box with 6 shimmery eyeshadows. It was a product I wouldn’t usually buy and would have been quite intimidated to use, but I did use it. I had no idea about eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow base coats, transition shades, brushes, however, that ‘palette’ was well loved. It was the escape I needed, something I could do freely without worrying about a right or wrong and it allowed me to fall into the beauty community and the impact its had on my self confidence and general happiness is astonishing. Who would ever think an eyeshadow would do that?

I understand makeup is used to cover, correct and ‘perfect’. At its core specific makeup products are designed to remove an imperfection, to allow people to meet a societal standard of ideal ‘beauty’. I’m a full coverage girl, if there was a foundation to cover freckles I’d be all over it, a concealer to cover my late night YouTube binges.. I’d buy it. I don’t do that because I’m aiming to reach societies idea of beauty,  I don’t do my makeup  for the sake of others contentment. I do it to make myself feel good. If there’s a singular thing about yourself that you don’t like, you are 10000% within your own rights allowed to change that! Do not let someone tell you what you can or can’t do with your own face, your own body.  Think your nose is too big? Girl, snatch it, snatch the hell out of it. Want that spot covered? YSL All hours foundation. It works two ways, is there a feature you love about yourself? EMBRACE IT. Love your eyes? Make them pop. Do your cheekbones stand out more than a 10 foot guy in a crowd? Highlight it. Makeup isn’t something people use to hide behind, SHOCKING REVELATION. It’s what every single person can use in anyway they feel in order to be the best version of themselves, to love themselves. I guarantee for every person that loves your look there will ALWAYS be that person that says ‘why all the makeup’ ‘people should just be natural ‘girls use makeup to trick guys’. Sorry darling, I don’t blend my eyeshadow for you and my makeup, my self expression, doesn’t need your approval.

Obviously, everyone should be able to look in the mirror when they wake up and like the way they look.  Having self confidence in regards to your natural self , and I know that can be a big ask for some people, its a journey, I’m 20 years old and I’m just finding that self confidence. What got me here? Makeup. I’ve hidden behind that mask and yes, people will suddenly compliment you more if your makeup is done. But sometimes you need that buffer, the little boost to help your confidence grow. Makeup was the ingredient that I needed for a while to feel good about myself. Little secret, when you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside, that happiness you feel will over power your insecurities and you won’t find yourself needing a buffer anymore.  That doesn’t mean your makeup is useless, it’s just the start of what it can do.

I started this… well.. ted talk by the sound of it… by saying makeup is a creative outlet. Any outlet in my opinion is mentally beneficial, it’s a distraction, you work things out of your system. Ever been stressed and been to the gym? Needed to escape your world and read a book? It’s something that can rearrange your mental focus and allow you to drop whatever may be a worry or a problem. Sure if you have a big presentation coming up in college/work, your eyeliner doesn’t make it go away. But hear me out. You wake up stressed about your upcoming day. What do you do? Sit and dwell? How productive is that? You take 20 minutes out of your morning routine to do your makeup (my friends will be laughing at the thought of me doing makeup in 20 minutes, it happens guys). You do your makeup..  something simple. 3 things will happen, I promise you. Firstly, your  thought processes transfer from your upcoming day to ‘smokey eye look’? Secondly, you look good, you feel good, CONFIDENCE for your day. Finally, your creative juices are flowing, your brain has been active, I don’t know the technological explanation but your brains awake. Consider the two options given… which is better? (insert Dora the explorer pause here) NUMBER 2, you’re equipped to take on the battles of the day, you’ve got your war paint on and you’re unstoppable!

P.S In both scenarios you’re still beautiful.

Thanks for reading guys! Anything you want to see me write about? Comment or tweet me @rebeccajblog

Rebecca Jayne xo


  1. Couldn’t agree more. I hate it when people say you’re wearing too much makeup. It’s my choice. I enjoy putting it on and wouldn’t feel dressed without it. Yes, I still go places without it and it’s important to be happy in you’re own skin but wearing it shouldn’t be an issue. This is one of the things I love about having a boyfriend, people don’t questions whether I’m caked in makeup to impress guys they seem to understand that it’s for me.

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  2. Couldn’t agree more! Makeup to me isn’t a mask to hide behind, it is a creative outlet. I pick my makeup based on my mood. I also just recently found Iliza’s Netflix special and I am obsessed with her xx

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