Work with what you’ve got! BEAUTY HACKS


If you’re anything like me, you may find that certain beauty trends or beauty basics can either be expensive or time consuming, so I’ve delved into my spell book of hacks and frugal tricks to assist and improve your beauty routine and trick mere mortals who won’t know the simplicity behind your look!


As we know matte liquid lipsticks came out of nowhere and blew peoples minds, flawless lip looks that won’t be smudged away. Although beautiful and particularly handy when you need a look to last a while or if you’re going out for food or drink that tends to impair your lipstick look, liquid lipsticks can be hit or miss and do have some downfalls if you happen to find an untrustworthy imposter! Worry not, I have two tricks to solve your liquid lipstick let downs.

SETTING POWDER, ask your self if setting powder can lock a concealer into place for hours what will it do if placed on top of a creamy lipstick? Well, it performs magic. Simply apply your lipstick as you would normally do, pat on some setting powder (I’ve heard of people doing this over a tissue, but I do this with a small, flat brush and gently pack on), the overall look will both mattify and as it says on the tub… SET. If you own a setting powder this is the cheapest way to avoid buying your favourite colour lipstick in a liquid lipstick version or spending money on insta matte creams to go over your lipstick. Classic hack… use what you already have at home! P.S I haven’t come across a setting powder that lets me down on this hack.

LIPBALM, liquid lipsticks are DRYYYYYING. They need to dry down onto your lips in order to not smudge away however some liquid lipsticks just constantly get dryer and dryer on your lips, some brands have been famous for this, particularly NYX lingerie, I believe they’ve updated their formula, but I’ve fallen victim to the way these dry down on your lips and flake away that flawless look. Applying lip balm before applying liquid lipsticks I feel is vital. Firstly, it protects your lips from the drying down that is about to happen; very handy during this time of the year when the cold weather does nothing to help your lips! The protective layer on your lips provides a nice base for your liquid lipstick to dry down onto, given that the liquid lipstick is drying down onto a hydrated smooth surface it will hinder the dry, flaky look that people can end up with and therefore, saves your look! I personally use Carmex as my brand of lip balm.


Fed up of buying a new highlighter or metallic eyeshadow and being underwhelmed by the glow that comes off of it? We’ve all been there. Fair enough if you like a subtle glow keep on doing what you’re doing. Me on the other hand, if something claims to glow, glisten or highlight then I want that full impact look… totally not extra, I just have standards you know. How do I meet those standards? Read below:

SPRAY IT, WET IT, ACTIVATE IT… Okay activate is a little bit extreme it’s an eyeshadow not a computer system but still. Adding some moisture to that powder brings out that glow, don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how but I promise it works. Get whatever powder product you’re using on your brush and spray the brush (I opt for setting spray, but water is just fine!). You will immediately see a difference in the impact the product will have, a more vibrant highlight or an eyeshadow that people will have to comment on. A friend of mine has actually said to me on a few occasions ‘what pigment is on your eyelid?’ and she’s genuinely shocked when I tell her its just a shimmer eyeshadow. It’s amazing how well you can get products to perform when you know how to get the most out of it.

P.S this hack is hella addictive, be prepared to use your setting spray at a faster pace or inform your mum, dad, boyfriend, bank, united utilities, whoever pays for or supplies your water that you’re going be using up water to be glowing!


Okay, your hair won’t suddenly become something astronomers study HOWEVER it will get a lift, so it’s getting closer… I tried okay?

Now we’re past that crushing revelation I will give you my hack.  SO, unless your bobble is tied right at the top of your head, your ponytail can sometimes look a bit flat and lacking life.  The quickest way to give it a lift is to stick a bobby pin vertical in your bobble, it will act as a little stand to push up your hair and lift your look, bringing more life to your basic ponytail.


We’ve all been there you’ve chosen sleep over that shower you needed or its been a hot day, you’ve been the gym and your deodorant just isn’t doing enough for you. Basically, you don’t smell too fresh, this is something people can be quite self-conscious over, luckily, I’ve got a hack that will quickly settle those anxieties or worries!

REMOVE THE BACTERIA! Bodily odour originates from a build up of bacteria and yes having a shower is always the best option for this and this hack is never something I would encourage to use on the daily or even on a regular basis it is a last resort, an effective last resort. We’ve all come across those handy bag size bottles of anti-bacterial hand gel, these remove ’99.9%’ of bacteria on your hands, right? They do the exact same on any area you would put the gel onto, in this case, your under arms. The gel will remove the bacteria and in turn remove the smell, just apply and top up your deodorant. As I’ve mentioned this shouldn’t be done on a regular basis as it may be damaging for the sensitive skin and isn’t a long term hygienic option!

SIDE HACK!! Anti-bacterial gel kills bacteria, what is the root cause of that pesky spot? BACTERIA. Place a little bit of the gel onto your spot and it should shrink down… I’m not going to lie this will sting but it’s worth it for that big spot that appears just before your big plans or a date?

Thanks for reading guys! I’ve got a lot more hacks in my spell book. Fancy some more or have anything you’d like some advice or tips on, let me know in the comment section below, or tweet me @beckparko

Rebecca Jayne xo

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