Makeup tools I can’t live without.


One question I get asked a lot by friends or family is ‘what brush is best for this product’ or people have told me they’ve tried a product and had a poor result from it and I’m shocked, because it’s a product I personally love. Rule number one I believe with makeup is tools, the type of tool you use to apply a product can really affect the overall look it gives. I thought I’d throw together a quick guide of my personal holy grail tools that I use on the daily. Hope this helps!

Foundation, Y6 Brush by Morphe: £12

If you, like me, binge watch beauty youtubers you may have already heard of this brush. It’s a mini kabuki like brush, with densely packed bristles and a flat top. The fact that this brush is densely packed means it won’t soak up all your foundation. I’ve used stippling brushes and I’ve found them to take in a lot of product and it can cause you to be using a lot more of your favourite foundation. The Y6 allows you to use the stippling technique and really press the foundation in and avoid any wastage. Most importantly, it gives a good finish and even look to your foundation as the top of the brush is smooth and even and it does this for an affordable price point!  I’ve only found one foundation that doesn’t play well with the Y6 (and I own a lot of foundation). Milani conceal and perfect 2 in 1 foundation and concealer. Due to this foundation being very heavy and thick it can sometimes struggle to move around evenly with most foundation brushes. But luckily there’s always a beauty sponge for troublesome foundations, this brings me onto tool number 2!

Foundation & Concealer Beauty Blender or Beauty Sponge: £16 £5.99

Beauty sponges have been round for a while now and have just been accepted as a necessity in the beauty community. The main instance of this being the beauty blender, however there is a massive market for more affordable options from a lot of retailers, I’ve personally found versions for under £10 and I’ve linked the real techniques cosmetic sponge above as an affordable option. Regardless what version you invest in they pretty much perform the same other than some sponges having a softer feel to them.  If you haven’t used a beauty sponge be aware its best to dampen them to avoid the sponge soaking up any of your product. The sponge works amazingly for any type of cream product, I’ve used them successfully for foundations, concealers and even putty/ liquid highlight. They are specifically known, in my opinion, for concealers with brands such as tarte selling their versions of beauty sponges alongside concealers.

Eyeshadow brushes 224SH MAC Cosmetics, R37 Morphe: £23.50   £7

Firstly, you can NEVER have too many eyeshadow brushes. If you think your collection is completed, then I definitely have a few recommendations to convince you otherwise. I’ve included two of my holy grail blending brushes that seriously have helped up my eyeshadow game. Firstly, the morphe R37, its an excellent large blending brush and is excellent to apply a base layer over your eyeshadow primer or works well for applying your first transition shade especially if you have larger eyelids, if you have smaller eyelids you may be best starting with the second brush I’ve listed the MAC 224, moreover, there are smaller eyeshadow brushes from many other brands that work just as well for a lower price point. The 224 brush I tend to use with darker shades that you are trying to keep lower on your crease, I do this for two reasons, firstly it blends out shadow smoothly and allows any darker shades to mix well with any lighter shades already on your lid, secondly the brush isn’t very wide, it’s tapered at the top but is narrow enough to not spread the shadow out too wide on your lid. These two brushes can be used together to complete a beautiful eye look, simply build colour with these brushes and add some shimmer on your mobile lid; perfect every time!

Highlighter fan brush, Y13 Morphe: £9

As previously mentioned I have used a beauty sponge for liquid/putty highlighter as they press the liquid into the skin beautifully. Powder highlighter, however, works perfect with any fan brush, the sparseness of the bristles allows the powder to be dispersed evenly rather than clinging to the first area the brush hits. The shape of the brush flows over the areas you highlight perfectly, whether that be your cheek bone or the cupids bow giving a simple and quick highlight. I’ve listed the morphe one as an affordable option as a good fan brush.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Leave a comment if you liked and let me know what you would like to see me write about!

Rebecca Jayne xo

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